Top 5 Power Tools Every Newbie Can Start With

If you're an amateur trying to renovate your house one step at a time, you've probably read about the importance of power tools, why you should have some, and how to get the right ones. Tips like buy tools that use the same battery, buy refurbished, wait out for the best prices, shop during the holidays and so on and so forth, are all over the Internet. 

A less frequently answered question though is, what power tools should be first on your shopping list as a newbie DIY'er? Here are five suggestions:


If you go by the book, a drill/driver would be first. Which is absolutely reasonable since you'll be using it for the most common of tasks around the house, like hanging pictures on the wall. Begin with something that works on some kind of instinctive technology that automatically determines when a screw is flush with wood. It usually comes with no physical clutch to adjust since this is done by the tool itself. click for more

Random Orbital Sander

Love woodworking? One power tool you shouldn't be left without is a power sander. You'll be fine with sandpaper and a sanding block for fine sanding and small areas, but for table tops and other bigger flat areas, a power tool is indispensable. Get one with variable speed and a dust bag to help you control the mess.


While often used to cut curves and shapes, a jigsaw is also useful for making straight cuts with a guide. It may be useless for ripping long sheets of plywood, but it's still more preferable over a circular saw in general. A jigsaw with multiple orbital settings is best to ensure accuracy as well as speed.

Rotary Tool

You can do many things with a rotary tool: sanding, grinding, cutting, polishing, and mostly all kinds of small repairs around the house. Having many different accessories and attachments is the secret. There are many high quality brands whose kits come with everything you need to get started. Read more about Power Tools Ninja

Cordless Screwdriver

Yes, it's possible to driving screws using a cordless drill/diver as long as you have the right bit on it, and it's the best tool you can have for tougher work, like driving a screw into a stud. But you can always store your cordless screwdriver in a kitchen drawer for everyone in the household to use. In simple terms, this tool can put an end to the fatigue and frustration that using an old-fashioned screwdriver usually brings. For more usefulness, a cordless screwdriver with an adjustable handle will be great to have.

As you probably know, there is a whole world of power tools out there for you to explore. But for beginners, the above will be more than enough to help you establish your rhythm.
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